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Funded Studies

Michael G. Schlossmacher, MD

Director and Senior Scientist, Neuroscience Program at The Ottawa Hospital

Location: Ottawa ON Canada

Michael Schlossmacher, MD, holds the Bhargava Family Research Chair in Neurodegeneration at The Ottawa Hospital and is a Professor at the University of Ottawa. He obtained his MD in Vienna. Dr. Schlossmacher carried out postdoctoral studies on the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease and completed neurology residency training as well as a movement disorders fellowship at Harvard Medical School. In Canada, he has developed a multi-disciplinary research program in Parkinson’s disease (PD). He focuses on exploring environment-gene interactions in brain health with an emphasis on the olfactory routeparkin’s role in protecting dopamine neurons, and algorithm development to predict the incidence of PD (PREDIGT Score). His patented discoveries on the GBA-SNCA link have helped the launch of clinical trials in PD. He leads the research team with Dr. Julianna Tomlinson. In his clinical activities and as Co-Director of the Parkinson’s Research Consortium Ottawa, Dr. Schlossmacher supports PD patients, their families, and community engagement.

Associated Grants

  • Olfactory Circuits: Alpha-Synuclein-Rich Neurons Respond to Environmental Triggers at the Origin of Parkinson’s Disease


  • Predicting the Risk of Parkinson’s Disease with a Mathematical Formula


  • Antibody Development for Modified Parkin Proteins Identified in the Human Brain


  • LRRK2 Regulates Host Response to Microbial Infections


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