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Funded Studies

Tiago A. Mestre, MD, MSc

Director of the Deep Brain Stimulation Program, The Ottawa Hospital; Associate Scientist at The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute; Assistant Professor at the University of Ottawa at The Ottawa Hospital

Location: Ottawa Canada

Tiago A. Mestre, MD, PhD, is a scientist at The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and associate professor at The University of Ottawa. He has built a clinical research program founded on development of therapies for unmet needs in Parkinson’s disease (PD), including care-delivery models and improvement of clinical trials the methodology. Dr. Mestre has extensive experience in patient-centered research and has been involved in designing approaches that make the voice of lived experience central to the research process. He has been involved in developing clinimetric scales for the assessment of symptoms and appraising the validation of rating scales in the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society (MDS). He is also associate director of the Clinical Outcome Assessment program of the MDS.

Associated Grants

  • Evaluating Patient-reported Outcome Assessment in Early Parkinson’s Disease


  • Predicting the Risk of Parkinson’s Disease with a Mathematical Formula


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