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Funded Studies

Michel Decré, PhD/Professor

Chief Technology Officer at Sapiens Steering Brain Stimulation B.V.

Michel Decré, PhD, is founder and chief technology officer of Sapiens. He initiated and led the work on deep brain stimulation at Philips Research from 2006-2011 with a multidisciplinary team from Philips Research, Philips AppTech, and Philips MiPlaza. He successfully led the joint development project with Neuronexus Technologies Inc. in Ann Arbor, MI from 2008-2010. Decré is renowned for his work on thin film technology, which is at the heart of Sapiens’ implant and co-invented numerous filed patents and applications in this field. He is a visiting professor at Leeds University. He was a member of the Dutch Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO-FOM) “Brain and Cognition” Scouting Commission, and of the technology watch foundation STT “Brain Visions” Study Group. Decré coordinated national and European Commission (EC)-subsidized projects (NAPS, Brainmimic) and was industrial coordinator of EC-funded Neuroprobes. The wave-printing technology he co-invented and developed with his Philips team from 2001-2005 was successfully transferred to Suess-MicroTech, Germany (SCIL technology, “Substrate Conformal Imprint Lithography”).

Associated Grants

  • Next Generation Parkinson's Disease Treatment through Steering Brain Stimulation (NEXT)


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