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Funded Studies

Paul Gregor, PhD

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientific Officer at Gismo Therapeutics, Inc.

Location: Lexington, KY United States

Paul Gregor, PhD, is an entrepreneur and inventor with expertise in drug discovery, chemical biology, neurosciences and human therapeutics. He has a MSc in chemical engineering from Slovak Technical University (Bratislava, Slovakia) and a PhD in life sciences from the Weizmann Institute of Science (Rehovot, Israel). His achievements include first molecular characterization of a glutamate receptor, a key element of neuronal function. He received the National Institute on Drug Abuse Special Recognition Award for his postdoctoral work on the dopamine transporter. Dr. Gregor has authored over 30 scientific publications, including articles published in Nature and Science, and several patents.

He has 19 years experience in the pharma/biotech industries, including at Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Insight Biopharmaceuticals Ltd. and Rimonyx Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Dr. Gregor founded Gismo Therapeutics Inc. based on his novel drug discovery concepts, and the company is developing Glycosaminoglycan-Interacting Small Molecule (GISMO) compounds as a novel class of therapeutics for Parkinson's and Alzheimer’s diseases.

Associated Grants

  • A Novel Preclinical Candidate for Reducing Alpha-synuclein Aggregation in Parkinson’s Disease


  • Novel Candidate against Alpha-synuclein for the Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease


  • Targeting Internalization and Aggregation of Alpha-synuclein Proteopathic Seeds with Glycosaminoglycan Interacting Small Molecules (GISMO)


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