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Funded Studies

Raquel Revilla-Sánchez, PhD

Neurodegenerative Diseases Principal at nLife Therapeutics

Location: Granada Spain

Raquel Revilla-Sánchez, PhD, received her BS in biology, MS in cell biology and PhD in neurosciences from the University of León, Spain. She followed with two postdoctoral positions, first at the University College London (United Kingdom) and then at the University of Pennsylvania (USA), where she started her interest in neurodegenerative diseases, in particular Alzheimer´s disease, with a project involving the application of imaging to murine models of neurodegeneration (Wyeth Research). After this collaboration she moved to Boston where she participated in several collaborations between Tufts University and Wyeth Research for the development of new therapies for Alzheimer´s disease.

Currently she is neurodegenerative diseases principal at nLife Therapeutics where she started as the head of Laboratory. She holds several patents for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, not only using the classical small drug approach but also for the use of oligonucleotides as a therapy. Her current interests lie in the use of oligonucleotides as therapeutic agents for diseases like Parkinson´s disease, Alzheimer´s disease and Huntington´s disease. 

Associated Grants

  • Characterization of a Novel Therapy To Selectively Silence Alpha-Synuclein In Monoaminergic Neurons


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