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Funded Studies

Richard Gordon, PhD, DABT

Group Leader, Clinical Neuroscience at The University of Queensland

Location: Brisbane, Queensland Australia

Richard Gordon, PhD, leads the Translational Neuroscience Laboratory at The University of Queensland within the Faculty of Medicine. His research career has focused on understanding the crucial role of the innate immune system in driving pathological inflammation that is closely linked to the progression of Parkinson's disease. His group also has a keen interest in developing neuroprotective strategies for Parkinson's disease using novel and repurposed therapeutic agents. Dr. Gordon's research has contributed to several important advances in his field, which have been published in journals including Science Translational Medicine and Nature Communications. He is also a board-certified toxicologist and a member of the Gene Technology Technical Advisory Committee (GTTAC) that provides scientific and technical advice to the Australian Gene Technology Regulator and the Australian Legislative and Governance Forum on Gene Technology.    

Associated Grants

  • Pharmacological Targeting of Inflammasome Activation Mechanisms in Synuclein Models of Parkinson's Disease


  • Pharmacological Targeting of Proinflammatory Kinase Signaling in Parkinson's Disease


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