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Funded Studies

Samay Jain, MD, MS

Assistant Professor of Neurology at University of Pittsburgh

Location: Pittsburgh, PA United States

Samay Jain, MD, focuses his interests in Parkinson disease research on early, pre-motor and non-motor features of the disease. As a post-doctoral clinical fellow in movement disorders at Columbia University, He cared for hundreds of Parkinson’s patients and continues to do so as an assistant professor of neurology at the University of Pittsburgh. He completed a Masters of Science in Clinical Research, which included formal training in statistics, recruitment and study design in geriatrics. With the Cardiovascular Health Study, he applied his knowledge of PD to look at biomarkers (uric acid) and cardiovascular physiology in an epidemiological cohort of the elderly by working with collaborators to identify PD cases. He is also funded by an NIH career development award to investigate multi-organ autonomic dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease. The overriding theme of his work is to improve diagnosis and treatment of PD by integrating motor and non-motor features with biomarkers of PD.

Associated Grants

  • Defining Non-motor Phenotypes in Parkinson’s Disease and Novel Strategies for Diagnosis


  • Informing clinical decision making in the Pre-motor period of Parkinson disease (PD)


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