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Funded Studies

Scott Ayton, PhD

Post doc at Florey Institute for Neuroscience and Mental Health

Location: Melbourne Australia

Scott Ayton has received extensive training in neuroscience from his undergraduate studies and has recently obtained a PhD in neuroscience at the University of Melbourne (March, 2012). Dr. Ayton’s PhD thesis employed various models (cell culture, pre-clinical models, in vitro assays and human post-mortem tissue) to investigate the molecular pathways resulting in iron accumulation in Parkinson’s disease. He is currently employed as a post-doctoral scientist in Dr. Ashley Bush’s laboratory where he continues to work in Parkinson’s disease research. Dr. Ayton has a strong interest in understanding the normal function of proteins which are typically linked pathologically to disease. He has published on the normal function of Alzheimer proteins APP and tau, and his current work investigates the normal function of the Parkinson’s disease protein alpha-synuclein.

Associated Grants

  • Alpha-synuclein as a Major Regulator of Iron Homeostasis


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