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Funded Studies

Steve Xu, MD

CEO at Siebel Health

Location: Niles, IL United States

Steve Xu is a physician-engineer with the skills, motivation and technical ability to apply engineering innovations to solving unmet clinical needs. He has firsthand experience developing functional device prototypes that extend from Class-II medical devices to pure software technologies. As a clinical dermatologist, his specific area of interest is remote wearable sensing in high-risk populations. Furthermore, he has an additional interest in wearable sensors directed towards the global health setting. Dr. Xu has had direct experience developing physiological monitoring systems that incorporate multiple sensors requiring hardware and software integration. Moreover, he has masters-level training as a health economist with specific expertise in medical device regulation and innovation policy. As such, Dr. Xu is uniquely positioned to conduct studies that will enhance understanding the clinical, engineering and regulatory challenges facing the development of novel sensors for vulnerable populations. Dr. Xu has more than 10 years of experience developing FDA-cleared medical products.

Associated Grants

  • Evaluation of a Monitoring System Based on a Wearable Sensor for Improving Swallowing and Saliva Control in Parkinson’s Disease


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