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Funded Studies

Wilma D.J. van de Berg, PhD

Associate professor, chair Clinical Neuroanatomy and Biobanking at Amsterdam UMC, Amsterdam Neuroscience

Location: Amsterdam Netherlands

Wilma D.J. van de Berg is a senior associate professor, chair of the section Clinical Neuroanatomy and Biobanking in the department of anatomy and neurosciences, Amsterdam UMC, Vrije University Amsterdam. She is a member of the steering committee of the Amsterdam Parkinson and Movement Disorders Centre and taskforce of the neurodegeneration program and lecturer in human neuroanatomy and neuropathology in Parkinson’s disease (PD) and related disorders. As a translational neuroscientist with a broad background in human neuroanatomy, cellular neuroscience, neuropathology and high-end microscopy in PD and related neurodegenerative disorders, she specialized in understanding cellular disease mechanism underling alpha-synuclein aggregation in PD. In close collaboration with clinical partners, she has established a large multicenter longitudinal observational study ‘Profiling Parkinson’s disease’ (ProPARK) to identify molecular profiles underlying disease severity, progression and adverse drug reactions and translate this knowledge into biomarker panels for clinical trials.

Associated Grants

  • Using the Chemical Modification of Alpha-synuclein to Define Disease State and Facilitate Patient Stratification in Parkinson’s Disease


  • Correlating MRI, Pathology and Cognitive Assessments toward Biomarkers of Cognitive Decline


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