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Yasin Temel

Head of Department at Maastricht University Medical Center

Location: Maastricht Netherlands

Dr. Yasin Temel’s research is focused on using neuromodulation to treat neuropsychiatric disorders. He currently combines basic laboratory research with clinical work in neurosurgery. Dr. Temel began his work in neuroscience as a medical student and, after receiving his MD degree, he pursued a residency/PhD program in the department of neurosurgery, Maastricht University (Netherlands). In 2012, he became a full professor, and in 2018, the head of the department. The neuromodulation program at Maastricht University Center is well-established and treats patients with a variety of neurological and psychiatric disorders. Translational research, performed in the laboratory and clinics, explores novel neuromodulation methods and refinement of existing neuromodulation treatments. Dr. Temel has authored various papers and books on Deep Brain Stimulation and has received a number of grants for his scientific work.

Associated Grants

  • Wireless “Nanoelectrodes” as a Minimally Invasive Alternative to Conventional Deep Brain Stimulation


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