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Parkinson's Books & Resources



300 Tips for Making Life with Parkinson's Disease Easier

By Shelley Peterman Schwarz (Demos Medical Publishing)

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Future: Twists and Turns and Lessons Learned

By Michael J. Fox. Michael draws on his own life experiences to make a case that real learning happens when "life goes skidding sideways."

Always Looking Up

There are many words to describe Michael J. Fox: Actor. Husband. Father. Activist. But readers of Always Looking Up will soon add another to the list: Optimist. Michael writes about the hard-won perspective that helped him see challenges as opportunities.

Caring for the Parkinson Patient: A Practical Guide 1999

By J. Thomas Hutton, Raye Lynne Dippel, and Nathan Slewett.†(Paperback published 1999 by Prometheus Books)

Defying Despair: Feed the Mind, Train the Body, Nourish the Soul

By Anthony Scelta Jr., How One Man Is Winning His Battle Against Young Onset Parkinson's Disease. (Myson Publishing, Inc., 2004)

Every Victory Counts Ė The Davis Phinney Foundation

Every Victory Countsô is Davis Phinney Foundation's program for living†well with Parkinson's. The program manual gives people with Parkinson's the tools they need to take control of their on treatment through a proactive approach to self-care.

Getting Started: The Medical Research and Development Primer

FasterCures offers this†short, easy to understand backgrounder on the different†stages of medical research required to develop a new drug, and on some of the hurdles that slow progress toward breakthroughs.

Lucky Man

By Michael J. Fox. Combining his trademark ironic sensibility and keen sense of the absurd, he recounts his life -- from his childhood in a small town in western Canada to his meteoric rise in film and television which made him a worldwide celebrity.

My Grandpa Has Parkinson's

By Margot Grant Evans (Vantage Press, 2006)

Parkinson's Disease and Quality of Life

By Lucien J. Cote, Lola L. Srinzeles, and Robin Elliott (Haworth Press, 2000)

Parkinson's Disease and the Art of Moving

Parkinson's Disease and the Art of Moving

Parkinson's Disease for Dummies

By Michele Tagliati, MD, Gary Guten, MD, MA, and Jo Horne, MA. Foreword by MJFF co-founder Deborah W. Brooks. (Wiley, 2007)

Parkinson's Disease: A Complete Guide for Patients and Families

By William J. Weiner, MD, Lisa M. Shulman, MD, and Anthony E. Lang, MD. (Paperback published 2001 by Johns Hopkins University Press)

Parkinson's Disease: A Guide for Patient and Family

By Roger C. Duvoisin, MD, and Jacob Sage, MD. (Paperback published 2001 by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins)

Parkinson's Disease: A Self-Help Guide

By Marjan Jahanshahi, MD, and David Marsden, MD (Demos Medical Publishing)

Parkinson's Disease: Diagnosis and Clinical Management

By Stewart A. Factor, DO, and William J. Weiner, MD (Demos Medical Publishing)

Parkinson's Disease: The Complete Guide for Patients and Caregivers

By Abraham N. Lieberman, MD, and Frank L. Williams. (Fireside, 1993)

Parkinson's: A Patient's View

By Sidney Dorros. (Paperback published 1981 by Seven Locks Press)

Saving Milly: Love, Politics, and Parkinson's Disease

By Morton Kondracke. (Public Affairs, 2001)

Shaking Up Parkinson: Fighting Like a Tiger, Thinking Like a Fox

y Abraham N. Lieberman, MD. (Paperback published 2001 by Jones & Bartlett Publishers)

Silence of the Bunnies: Tales of Life, Love and Survival

By Dan Stark (Tewksbury Tales Press, 2007)

Take Me Home: Parkinson's, My Father, Myself

By Jonathan Taylor, Granta Books (London)

The Case of the Frozen Addicts: Working at the Edge of the Human Brain

By J. William Langston, MD, and Jon Palfreman. (Random House, 1995)

Understanding Parkinson's Disease: A Self Help Guide

By David L. Cram. (Paperback published 1999 by LPC)

Voices from the Parking Lot: Parkinson's Insights and Perspectives

Compiled and edited by Dennis Greene, Joan Blessington Snyder, and Craig L. Kendell. (Published by The Parkinson Alliance, 2000)

When Parkinson's Strikes Early: Voices Choices, Resources, and Treatment

By Barbara Blake-Krebs and Linda Herman. (Paperback published 2001 by Hunter House)

Parkinson's Humor - Funny Stories about My Life with Parkinson's Disease

by Beverly Ribaudo. I have Parkinson's Disease and a sense of humor! This is a collection of 100 funny stories about my life with Young Onset Parkinson's Disease. I also share some helpful advice for surviving this disease. Come learn and laugh with me! Laughter is the best medicine. Have a Happy Parkie Day! All profits from this book will be donated to Parkinson's.

Parkinson's Dreams about Me, My Dance with the Shaking Palsy

by Rick Hermann. Whether you are newly diagnosed or a Parkinsonís disease veteran, whether young onset or late onset, or if you are a care partner for someone with Parkinsonís, you are likely to find something new and interesting in this book.

The Unexpected Journey: Living on the Edge of Life's Promise

by George L. Johnston. With this call to action, the author of this work begins the second part of his journey with Parkinsonís Disease as his constant companion. Not buoyed up by celebrity, economic security or an extensive support system, this is a private and intimate journey, with no amenities along the way other than a pen, writing paper and an occasional companion to share the road.

Simple Widsom Extraordinary Life

by Teresa Rogers. Inspiration comes from different things in a person's life. Sometimes it's from a movie, accident or friend. For author Teresa Rogers, inspiration flows from her mother, Joy. A survivor, running for her life many times from her abusive alcoholic husband, Joy rose above life's hardships. Revealed is Joy's poverty-stricken childhood, marriage at age fifteen to Rogers' father, an abusive alcoholic.

The Many Faces of Parkinsonís: Magic and Miracles

A 5 episode series that looks at the who, what, where, when and how of Parkinsonís Disease. DVDís of this documentary are available for purchase, or to borrow, from Parkinsonís Resources of Oregon at: 800.426.6806 or

Another Door Opens

by Alan Cohee. It has been twenty years since Alan Cohee was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. He invites you into his life to see how he has faced the journey from his diagnosis.

Carina and Her Care Partner Gramma By Kirk Hall

The second book in the Shaky Paws Grampa series, was written to address Parkinson's disease (PD) specifically and to provide a communication tool for people with Parkinson's to use with their children or grandchildren. This book provides details specific to PD symptoms and mentions important issues in the "PD world," including deep brain stimulation therapy.

Yoga and Parkinson's Disease: A Journey to Health and Healing

By Peggy van Hulsteyn with Barbara Gage and Connie Fisher (Demos Medical Publishing LLC).

The NeuroWriters' Guide to the Peripatetic Pursuit of Parkinson's Disease

By the Parkinsons Creative Collective. An anthology of experiences, inspiration, resources, opinions and information, written by and about people from many countries who live with Parkinson disease. Real experts - people with PD Ė share their hard-earned wisdom. Beautiful, color-filled pages invite readers to accompany them on the journey from PD diagnosis, to treatment, to possible advocacy toward a cure. For those with Parkinson disease, it's a support group between two covers; and for everyone else, it's a window into the world of living with PD.

Parkinson's Disease: A Guide for Patients and Families by American Academy of Neurology

This DVD and guidebook answers important questions for newly diagnosed patients and their caregivers. Featuring inside perspective from Michael J. Fox and expert counsel by a leading neurologist and a movement disorder specialist.






Parkinsong's "Songs of Hope" double CD features a superb collection of music from a virtual "who's who" of singers/songwriters, including Bonnie Raitt and David Crosby & Graham Nash.

Parkinson's Disease and the Art of Moving Video Companion

By John Argue. New Harbinger Publications, Oakland, CA, January 2000

The Top 100 Counseling Resources on the Web


Managing Parkinson's: Straight Talk and Hope

Presented by the Washington State Chapter of The American Parkinson Disease Association.




Aging Parents and Eldercare

The Web site includes articles, comprehensive checklists and links to key resources designed to make it easier for family caregivers to quickly find the information they need to care for a loved one.


American Parkinson Disease Association

Provides information on support groups, treatment options, and health-care facilities across the United States.

Bachmann-Strauss Dystonia & Parkinson Foundation

Works to encourage new research and scientists in the fields of dystonia and Parkinson's disease, and to heighten awareness about these movement disorders.

Davis Phinney

Davis Phinney Foundation

The Davis Phinney Foundation was founded by retired cyclist Davis Phinney following his diagnosis with Parkinson's disease at age 40. His goal was to create an organization that would inspire and inform people living with Parkinson's through funding of exercise and speech programs; and, encouragement of those impacted by the disease to celebrate the daily victories in their lives.

Mayo Clinic Parkinson's Homepage

Research, patient and caregiver information as well as a biannual newsletter from the Mayo clinic.

National Parkinson Foundation

Offers extensive treatment information and news about Parkinson's for patients and caregivers.

Northwest Parkinson's Foundation

A nonprofit that seeks to make the Pacific Northwest a leading center for the study and treatment of movement disorders. It helps fund the Booth Gardner Parkinson's Care Center in Kirkland, Wash.

NeuroTalk Communities

A place for people with neurological and brain disorders to find support.

Parkinson Association of the Rockies

The Parkinson Association of the Rockies provides direct services to people with Parkinson's disease and their families (adaptive aids, emotional support, respite care), and educates and raises awareness of the special needs of people with Parkinson's among the community and health care workers with the goal of improving the quality of life for the patient and the family.

Parkinson's Action Network (PAN)

An advocacy-oriented nonprofit that seeks to increase awareness about Parkinson's and to educate policy makers as to the importance of federal research funding on the disease, among other goals.

Parkinson's Disease Foundation (PDF)

Promotes and helps fund research into the causes of and cure for Parkinson's and for better treatment of symptoms.

The Parkinson Alliance

Raises funds, largely through partnerships and matching fund affiliations, for research into the causes of and potential cures for Parkinson's.

The University of Florida Center for Movement Disorders and Neurorestoration

The Center is founded on the philosophy that integrated, interdisciplinary care is the most effective approach for patients with movement disorders and disorders involving a group of circuits in the brain called the basal ganglia. The Center delivers motor, cognitive and behavioral diagnoses as well as various treatments all in one centralized location. Care is coordinated and provided by leading specialists from many advanced medical and surgical services.

We Move

A comprehensive resource for movement disorder information and the hub of movement disorder activities on the web.



Hear the Latest in PD Research

The MJFF Parkinson's Podcast Series pairs host Dave Iverson with Parkinson's researchers to talk about the latest scientific understanding and therapies in development.

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