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To help you and your loved ones navigate life with Parkinson's, a movement disorder specialist discusses Parkinson's research and care through blogs and videos.

Dr. Rachel Dolhun.

Meet Dr. Dolhun

Rachel Dolhun is a fellowship-trained movement disorder specialist, board-certified neurologist and vice president of medical communications at The Michael J. Fox Foundation.

  • Myths about Levodopa (Ask the MD Video)

    Questions about levodopa, the most widely prescribed Parkinson’s drug, are common. So are misconceptions. Learn more in a video featuring Dr. Dolhun.

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    Thinking about Cognitive Changes in Parkinson’s (Ask the MD Video)

    Not everyone with Parkinson’s experiences thinking and memory changes, but many worry about the possibility. Learn how to boost brain health and ease symptoms.

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    Ask the MD: Caring for the Parkinson’s Care Partner during a Pandemic

    Being a care partner can be stressful and isolating, especially during a pandemic. How do you care for yourself, take breaks and get support?

  • New Law Aims to Better Support Care Partners

    Visiting Loved Ones Who Have Parkinson’s during the Pandemic (Ask the MD Video and Guide)

    Visiting loved ones with Parkinson’s during COVID-19 raises many questions, including how to safely gather. Dr. Dolhun discusses what to consider.

  • Male care partner alongside female patient undergoing Parkinson's test with her female physician.

    Ask the MD: Back Problems and Parkinson’s Disease

    Back pain and posture problems may be more common in people with Parkinson’s. Learn the causes and how to manage.

  • In Conversation with MJFF Board Member Jeff Keefer — “Off” Time, New PD Drugs and Research (Ask the MD Video)

    In the latest Ask the MD video, Dr. Dolhun talks with MJFF Board Member Jeff Keefer, diagnosed with PD in 2007, about “off” time, new drugs and research.

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