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To help you and your loved ones navigate life with Parkinson's, a movement disorder specialist discusses Parkinson's research and care through blogs and videos.

Dr. Rachel Dolhun.

Meet Dr. Dolhun

Rachel Dolhun is a fellowship-trained movement disorder specialist, board-certified neurologist and vice president of medical communications at The Michael J. Fox Foundation.

  • Doctor and patient in office.

    Ask the MD: What Is a Movement Disorder Specialist?

    A movement disorder specialist is an expert Parkinson’s physician who tailors care to a person’s unique symptoms.

  • Two friends embracing.

    Five Ways to Keep the Holidays Happy with Parkinson’s

    Consider these tips to make the most of the upcoming holidays.

  • Two friends sitting in a doctor's office.

    Ask the MD: Build Connections to Ease Loneliness and Take Control in Parkinson’s

    Recently diagnosed or progressing Parkinson’s can feel lonely or isolating. But many find connecting with others is a way to ease symptoms and take control.

  • Podcast: Putting the Parkinson's Puzzle Together

    Podcast: Being a Care Partner in Parkinson’s (Ask the MD Video)

    Hear from our on-staff movement disorder specialist about the latest in Parkinson’s care and research.

  • Ask the MD: Being a Care Partner in Parkinson’s

    In this Ask the MD video, Dr. Dolhun offers tips on how Parkinson’s care partners can best care for their loved ones and themselves.

  • Doctor with Patients

    Ask the MD: Mental Health Professionals and your Parkinson’s Care Team

    A mental health professional can help ease common mood symptoms such as depression and anxiety with medication, talk therapy and other treatments.

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