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The Fox Investigation for New Discovery of Biomarkers


About BioFIND

BioFIND is an observational clinical study designed to discover and verify biomarkers of Parkinson's disease (PD). The study was carried out at eight academic sites in the United States. Recruitment began in 2012 and closed in March 2015. BioFIND collected clinical data and biospecimens, including blood and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), in well-defined, moderately advanced people with PD and control volunteers.

BioFIND followed standardized data acquisition protocols to ensure tests and assessments conducted at multiple sites could be pooled. Data and samples acquired from study participants have been placed in a comprehensive Parkinson's database and biorepository and are available to the scientific community for research on novel PD biomarkers. The study aims to complement the Parkinson's Progression Markers Initiative to produce the most comprehensive and long-ranging dataset available for biomarker discovery work throughout the PD community.

Only with collaborative efforts such as BioFIND can we efficiently discover and verify biomarker candidates for PD. This study is sponsored by The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research with support from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS).

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Available Biospecimens and Data*

  Clinical Data Whole Blood Pellet Plasma Saliva Urine DNA RNA CSF
Parkinson's Disease  122 133 122 23 27 122 95 108
Control 101 93 101 27 28 101 77 85


*Numbers refer to submission from unique individuals. Typical submissions include: clinical data, 2 whole blood pellets, 12 ml plasma from whole blood, 8.5 ml whole blood for DNA extraction, 5-10 ml whole blood for RNA extraction, 10 ml cerebrospinal fluid.

Learn About data Access

Learn About Biospecimen Access

Accessing Clinical Data and Biospecimens

Clinical data and biospecimens from BioFIND are available for request. Clinical data from BioFIND is hosted by the study Bioanalytics Core, and applications for data access are reviewed in real time. Curated BioFIND data is available at Learn more on our Accessing BioFIND Data page.

To request access to available BioFIND biosamples, apply to the centralized NINDS Parkinson's biospecimens program. Learn more on our Accessing BioFIND Biospecimens page.

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The following research studies have been approved for sample use.

Ongoing Research Utilizing BioFIND Specimens

The following research studies have accessed BioFIND samples. Researchers may apply to use biospecimens through NINDS .

Project Title Principal Investigator Institution Specimen Used
CRP40 Expression as a Biomarker of Parkinson's Disease Ram Mishra, PhD CRP40 Inc. RNA
Verification of a long-noncoding RNA in blood as a biomarker for Parkinson's disease Antony Cooper, PhD Garvan Institute of Medical Research RNA
Analysis of circulating brain-enriched microRNAs as biomarkers for Parkinson's disease Samuil Umansky, MD, PhD DiamiR, LLC Plasma
Metabolomic analysis of Parkinsonian disorders Peter LeWitt, MD Henry Ford Hospital CSF and Plasma
Comprehensive analysis of brain and peripheral biogenic small molecule levels in Parkinson's Disease Omar Mabrouk, PhD University of Michigan Plasma
Lysosomal enzymes activity and GBA1 genotyping in CSF of Parkinson's Disease patients: A Confirmatory Study Lucilla Parnetti, MD, PhD University of Perugia DNA and CSF
Parkinson's Disease Biomarker Search in Cerebrospinal Fluid by Ambient Ionization Mass Spectrometry Robert G. Cooks, PhD Purdue University CSF
New tools for direct visualization of individual oligomers in human biofluids Nicholas William Wood, PhD, MB ChB, MRCP University College London CSF
BioFIND: Analysis of aSyn in CSF, plasma and saliva samples Peggy Taylor, ScD BioLegend, Inc CSF, Plasma, and Saliva
BioFIND: Analysis of A-beta, tau and p-tau in CSF samples Leslie M. Shaw, PhD University of Pennsylvania CSF
NeuroX Profiling of Samples from the PPMI Genetic Cohorts, the LRRK2 Cohort Consortium, and the BioFIND Cohort Andrew B. Singleton, PhD National Institute on Aging DNA
Parkinson's Disease Biomarker Discovery and Verification Using Multiple Reaction Monitoring Daniel Chelsky, PhD Caprion Inc. CSF
Immunogenetic determinants of disease risk in Parkinson's disease Jorge R Oksenberg PhD University of California, San Francisco  
Total and proteinase K-resistant a-Syn levels in blood pellets, determined by a novel phospholipid-ELISA assay, as potential markers of Parkinson’s disease Ronit Sharon, PhD The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Whole Blood
Biomarkers of the Glucocerebrosidase Pathway in Parkinson Disease Rachel Saunders-Pullman Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai CSF, Plasma
An 8-protein panel for diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease Alice Chen-Plotkin MD University of Pennsylvania Plasma
Alpha-Galactosidase A and Glycosphingolipids as Biomarkers for Parkinson’s Disease J. John Shacka PhD University of Alabama at Birmingham Tissue, CSF, Plasma, Urine
Development of a biochemical test to detect alpha-synuclein oligomers in cerebrospinal fluid of patients affected by Parkinson's disease Claudio Soto PhD University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston CSF
Development of potential diagnostic biomarkers in Parkinson's disease Alison Green PhD University of Edinburgh CSF
MJFF GBA-PD Meta-Analysis Initiative: Charting a path to success for clinical trials in patients with GBA-PD Clemens R. Scherzer Brigham & Women's Hospital Plasma, CSF, Whole Blood
Klotho and Parkinson's disease Sanders, Laurie Duke University Plasma
Interplay between alpha-tubulin PTMs, alphasynuclein and cytokines in PD: an exploratory study in human plasma and CSF Bianchi, Massimiliano Transpharmation Ireland Ltd. CSF, Plasma
Validation of saliva biomarkers for clinical diagnosis of Parkinson's disease Carro, Eva Hospital 12 de Octubre Research Institute Saliva


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