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The Foundation supports research across basic, translational and clinical science to speed breakthroughs that can lead to the creation of new treatments and a better quality of life for people with Parkinson's disease.

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  • Parkinson’s Disease Therapeutics Pipeline Program, 2024
    Discovery of Translational Pharmacodynamic Biomarkers and Biomarkers of Endo-lysosomal Pathway Pathology by Biased & Unbiased Lipidomics and Metabolomics

    Study Rationale: The endolysosomal system within living cells is comprised of small, specialized structures that contain enzymes that degrade proteins and remove waste materials from the cell. Their...

  • Accelerating Biological Understanding and Therapeutic Translation for Parkinson’s Disease Program, 2024
    Preclinical Testing of Novel DBS Protocol for Long-Lasting Therapeutic Effects

    Study Rationale: Deep brain stimulation is an effective therapy for motor symptoms of late-stage Parkinson’s disease. It works like a pacemaker to interrupt abnormal patterns of brain activity that...

  • Research Grant, 2024
    Developing Outcome Measures for Assessing Freezing of Gait: A Multi-Center Study

    Study Rationale: Standardized and accurate assessment of freezing of gait (FOG), a debilitating symptom of Parkinson’s disease (PD), is needed to develop and rigorously test novel therapies. However...

  • Therapeutic Pipeline Program, 2024
    Photoreceptor-directed Light Therapy in Parkinson’s Disease

    Study Rationale: Non-motor symptoms including sleep disturbances are common and enormously impact on the quality of life in people with Parkinson’s disease. Sleep disruption affects motor function and...

  • Edmond J. Safra Movement Disorders Research Career Development Award, 2024
    Towards a Better Understanding of Treatment-refractory Gait Issues in Parkinson’s Disease

    Study Rationale: Freezing of gait (FOG) is a sudden arrest of gait despite the intention to continue walking, often while a person is turning, walking in a confined space or is in a situation that...

  • Research Grant, 2024
    Developing an Open-access Repository of High-quality Digital Measurement Tools for Use in Parkinson’s Disease Research and Care

    Study Rationale: This study will bring together leaders in Parkinson’s disease (PD) and digital health innovation and measurement to develop and maintain an open-access repository of high-quality...

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