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Data-Driven Subtyping & Stratification Program


This program supports efforts to identify and validate Parkinson’s disease (PD) subtypes using existing data. Outcomes should be leveraged toward improving biomarkers, therapeutic/clinical trial strategies and precision medicine.

Funding will support projects around:  

  • Analysis of existing clinical and molecular data sets to derive, characterize or validate subtypes of PD 

  • Identification of clinical features which best cluster with, or within, specified risk groups in PD 

  • Identification of clinical, behavioral and molecular indicators, or combinations thereof, that are most significant in identifying subtypes of PD 

  • Analysis of clinical and molecular features linking or distinguishing different genetic subtypes of PD (e.g., LRRK2, GBA) or identification of features consistent across carriers regardless of disease status 

  • Identification of shared and/or discriminatory features between PD, related parkinsonisms and other synucleinopathies (e.g., multiple system atrophy) 

  • Identification of novel prodromal indicators or ante diagnostic features enriched in PD patient populations  

  • Primary drivers of age at onset (AAO) for given background/risk group 

MJFF is particularly interested in efforts that (i) focus on objective and data-driven strategies to identify subtypes, (ii) express expertise in analysis of the data types included in proposal and (iii) will inform clinical trial design and precision medicine.  

For this round, MJFF will not consider:  

  • Exploratory proposals lacking specific data analysis aims 

  • Replication or review of published work without new analysis aims 

  • Curation, harmonization or visualization efforts without novel analysis aims  

  • Proposals including therapeutic development or identification of therapeutic compounds  

  • Prospective cohort development or molecular/imaging data generation 

  • Requests for biosamples 

Industry and academic researchers in and outside the United States are welcome to apply.  

Watch a video on this funding program that covers our application and review processes.  

Email with questions. 

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