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(Bowling) Pins for Parkinson's!!

 Gwen Schroeder loves sports, bowling included!  She’ll be hosting her 3rd Annual Bowlathon for Team Fox on Sunday, October 16th as a fundraiser to help reach her fundraising goal for this year’s 2011 NYC Marathon.

Gwen thought her marathon days were over, but keeps in mind why it is she continues to run.  ”Last year’s training was far tougher than the year prior – so bad that it made me want to give up on running for a while. But every time I think of retiring my running shoes, I remember that my father and far too many others can’t give up their fight against Parkinson’s Disease.”

Whether it’s running or bowling, Gwen is committed to helping Team Fox raise funds for valuable research.  For more information on the Bowlathon, see Gwen’s facebook pagehere.

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