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Steve Gorny plans to "B.R.E.A.K. Parkinson's" By Running Entirely Across Kansas

Steve Gorny plans to "B.R.E.A.K. Parkinson's" By Running Entirely Across Kansas

New Team Fox member Steve Gorny has always been an endurance runner. His resume includes 17 marathons, one 50K run (31 miles), a 100 miler and a Tough Mudder (extremely hard adventure/obstacle course run). But after his father Len was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in the fall of 2010, he decided he needed to run for Parkinson’s research. He also wanted to “raise the crazy factor” as he says, which is when he came up with “B.R.E.A.K” Parkinson’s – which stands for “By Running Entirely Across Kansas.”

On May 30th, Gorny will start the 233 mile journey across the state of Kansas on Route 99 from the southern border with Oklahoma to the northern border with Nebraska.  His plan is to complete the 233 miles in just 5 days, looking to average 50 a day for the first 4 days so that day 5 is “just” the remaining 33.

Gorny’s wife and daughter will act as his crew, traveling along the course with him by car. Steve says his daughter has it down to a science – knowing exactly when he’s in need of food or water. His brother also plans to join over the weekend for a chunk of the route, along with friends who will join in for a few miles here and there. Besides that, Steve will be on the road solo – but is always up for company if you are in the area!

To date, Gorny has raised over $23,000 on his way to his $30,000 goal.  

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