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Clinical Data and Biospecimens available for over 200 subjects

We are pleased to announce that PPMI has now enrolled over 200 subjects. Many subjects are beginning to reach their year 1 visit, which means that up to 5 timepoints of data and samples are available since information collected in PPMI is inputted into the database in real time.

A crucial aim of PPMI is to provide easy and open web access to the entire research community to the data and biosamples being collected from the PD and age and gender matched healthy control subjects who are participating in PPMI. The overarching goal of this model is to foster collaboration and data sharing to promote the identification and validation of PD biomarkers in an open and efficient way. The identification of these biomarkers could ultimately aid in the development of much-needed disease-modifying therapies for Parkinson patients.

The PPMI database contains data from PD and healthy subjects acquired at 19 PPMI clinical sites in the US and Europe. The data includes clinical (demographic, motor and non-motor, cognitive and neurobehavioral), imaging (DAT and MRI), and blood chemistry and hematology information and biospecimen inventories include serum, plasma, whole blood, CSF, DNA, RNA and urine.

Learn more about the PPMI data or request access to the database.

Learn more about requesting PPMI specimens, the samples being collected in PPMI or submit a sample request.

To review the study protocol, including the complete set of tests, assessments and specimens being collected in the study, click here.

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