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Complete Your Fox Trial Finder Profile to Help Speed the Cure

As a Fox Trial Finder volunteer, the more information you complete in your profile, the better your potential trial matches will be! If you left optional fields unanswered when you filled out your profile, especially your medication history, please log in to update your Fox Trial Finder account now. A complete and accurate profile will mean:

  • You get more accurate match results. If you provide only your date of birth, gender and ZIP Code, you are likely to initially receive a large list of potential trial matches. But you will probably be a true match for only a small percentage of those trials. By providing your PD medication history and other information about your experience with PD, your trial matches will be better tailored to you, making it easier to find the studies you are interested in and likely to qualify for.
  • The right trial coordinators can find you faster. De-identified information from your profile is available to trial teams looking for eligible volunteers for their study. Your complete profile lets trial teams more accurately gauge your eligibility before connecting with you. This means that the messages you receive will be for trials for which you are most likely to be a good match. This makes recruitment more efficient for you and the trial teams.

Coordinators report that the most important element of a patient’s profile is the medication history — the treatments you are taking now, have taken in the past, or have never taken. We’ve updated the profile form to allow you to provide a complete answer for your medication history. Since medications are so often a key consideration in determining trial eligibility, we encourage you to update this information now in your profile.

To access your profile:

  • Log in to your Fox Trial Finder account
  • Navigate to ‘My Fox Trial Finder’
  • Click ‘My Profile’ on the left side of the page
  • Complete any unanswered questions

Once your profile is complete, remember to update it whenever your medications change, you experience new symptoms, or if you relocate!

If you have any questions about completing your profile, please contact us at


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