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Fox Trial Finder: A Sneak Peek at 2012

Thank you for helping make Fox Trial Finder’s first months a success. Over 1,750 volunteers have completed profiles on the site since we launched in July. Many of you have provided valuable feedback, and we hear you! We are putting your ideas into action as we plan for enhancements and new features in 2012, such as:

  • International Expansion: Fox Trial Finder will go global in early 2012. The site will expand functionality to Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia in January; Western Europe will follow this spring. Other international locations will be add this summer.
  • Enhanced Matchmaking: We are refining our matching technology to make sure you get the best possible results. But you still must play a crucial role by completing all the fields in your profile, especially your ZIP code, date of birth and medication history. Click here to update your profile now.
  • More Messaging with Trial Teams: We continue to actively register trial teams so that you can message directly with more of them. Just over 25 percent of our trials allow direct online messaging with trial teams today. In 2012, we expect to substantially increase this number.

Thank you again for your important role as an early adopter of Fox Trial Finder. Please continue to share your feedback at

Warmest wishes from everyone on the Fox Trial Finder team for a bright and joyous holiday!

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