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Contribute to Parkinson's Research through Exercise Clinical Trials

With Thanksgiving and the holidays fast approaching, we want to highlight a few exercise trials that are currently recruiting. Looking for a way to support PD research and to burn some post-Thanksgiving calories? Consider joining one of the exercise trials recruiting on Fox Trial Finder!

COPE: Co-morbidities, Parkinson’s Disease and Exercise

Are group or home exercise programs as effective for PD patients as one-on-one physical therapy sessions? The investigators in this study are recruiting PD volunteers to study outcomes based on participation in physical therapy sessions, group classes and a home exercise program.

This study is being conducted at Oregon Health & Sciences University in Portland, Oregon. For more information, and to contact the trial team, click here.

Exercise and Cognitive Training in Parkinson’s Disease

Loss of cognitive abilities such as planning, organizing, attention and problem solving can be a common symptom in PD. This study looks at exercise on a treadmill exercise and/or memory training on a computer to determine if it can improve cognitive abilities in Parkinson’s disease volunteers.

This study is being conducted at VA Maryland Health Care System, in Baltimore, Maryland. For more information, and to contact the trial team, click here.

Visit Fox Trial Finder to update your profile or find other trials that may need you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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