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Feedback from Fox Trial Finder Welcome Survey

Many of you completed our Welcome Survey and provided valuable feedback. Thank you for your time and your thoughts! Here are a few of the key things you said and how we’re taking action:

  • You said: Make it easier to contact trial teams. While you’ve told us you generally find Fox Trial Finder easy to use, some of you have asked us to clarify how to get in touch with a trial team. We’re updating the trial pages so that it’s clearer how to take action on a potential match. But every day we’re also working to get more trial coordinators registered so you can contact them directly through the on-site messaging feature.


  • You want: To spread the word. You also told us you want help to share Fox Trial Finder with friends, family and members of your community. In the coming months, we will be implementing Refer-a-Friend options to make it easier to invite others to Fox Trial Finder. Meanwhile, we also have developed presentation materials and postcards we can send to you if you’re interested. Email us at if you have an upcoming support group meeting or other occasion at which you want to talk about Fox Trial Finder!


  • You challenged us: To go global. While expanding internationally has always been one of our priorities, we are excited that so many of you feel the same way! For this winter, we are working to add international trials and matching so your friends and family living outside the U.S. can take advantage of Fox Trial Finder, too.

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