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MJFF’s Updated Guide on Thinking, Memory and Parkinson’s Now Available

Image of cognition guide

Many people and families with Parkinson’s say they worry about possible thinking and memory (cognitive) changes. While not everyone experiences these symptoms, they can — like most Parkinson’s symptoms — happen at different times and in different ways.  

Common questions include: Who gets thinking and memory changes? What treatments can help? What research is happening?

For answers to these questions and more, check out our free, updated guide on Thinking, Memory and Parkinson’s. In it, you’ll find:   

  • Information about how thinking and memory can change over time, 

  • Tips to boost brain health and manage cognitive symptoms,  

  • Stories of people living with thinking and memory changes, and  

  • Research toward new and better treatments and tests.  

Download the free guide now.

For more on this topic, visit our webpage.

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