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Survey: Majority Would Have Parkinson’s Stem Cell Treatment

Survey on stem cell therapies for Parkinson's taken from the August 2019 Third Thursdays Webinar.

In our last Third Thursdays Webinar, our panelists discussed the state of stem cell therapies. Several clinical trials are testing treatments that aim to replace what is lost in Parkinson’s disease: dopamine.

“Everyone is trying to use the stem cells as a source of producing dopamine cells that can then be transplanted into the brain,” said panelist Claire Henchcliffe, MD, DPhil, from Weill Cornell Medical College.

While no stem cell treatments have been approved by regulatory agencies such as the U.S. Food and Administration, some clinics do offer therapies based around stem cells. The panelists caution patients to look into the mechanisms of these treatments and potential risks and to work with your doctor before considering any new therapy.

We asked our audience if they would consider stem cell-derived therapies. More than 1,150 people have weighed in.

Watch the webinar on demand and submit your answer to our survey question.

Watch an Ask the MD video on stem cells.

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