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Vancouver is Awesome: Vancouver's Most Awesome: Michael J. Fox!

Vancouver is Awesome: Vancouver's Most Awesome: Michael J. Fox!

By Bob Kronbaur

A lot of times you’ll read interviews with famous people and the writer starts their introduction off by telling you that “no introduction is needed” for them. Well, this is one of those interviews. I mean I could tell you that he was on Family Ties and in the Back To The Future series of films back in the day and I could tell you that he lives with Parkinson’s disease and has championed a foundation that is paving the way for one day finding a cure for it, but I think the one thing I could tell you that you might not really know about Michael J. Fox is that he really is a genuinely nice, incredibly awesome person. I was fortunate enough to get to speak to Michael recently about all things Vancouver and before getting on the phone I had one of those “never meet your heroes because they could turn out to be a-holes and ruin your lifelong admiration of them” moments of apprehension but was left reeling after the conversation at how completely opposite to that it was. I am incredibly proud to bring you our interview with one of Vancouver’s finest exports and ambassadors to the world.

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