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Podcast: Dystonia Causes and Care

Diet, Exercise and Other Strategies for Living Well as You Age (Webinar)

People with Parkinson’s often ask how diet and exercise fit into their overall care plan. In this audio from our Third Thursdays Webinar, expert panelists discuss ways to live well as we age and share practical tips for eating healthy, exercising, building a care team and boosting brain health.

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In this podcast, moderator Soania Mathur, MD, Michael J. Fox Foundation Patient Council co-chair, leads a discussion with expert panelists:

  • Gregory Pontone, MD, assistant professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
  • Ben Rossi, ACE certified trainer, founding member and chief program officer at InMotion, owner of Ability to Perform Training Center
  • Rose Truby, retired accommodation officer, husband has Parkinson’s, control participant in the Parkinson’s Progression Markers Initiative study

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