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Exercise Resources from the Parkinson's Community

virtual exercise

For many people with Parkinson’s, maintaining a regiment of exercise and social interaction is key to managing symptoms. However, disruptions to daily routines this past year have forced all of us to adapt. Back in March 2020, many Parkinson’s programs and support groups transitioned to virtual platforms like Zoom. As a result, the community now has access to a growing library of exercises, fitness programs and mental strengthening skills that can be accessed any time, any place.

Below, we’re highlighting some resources led by groups across the country offering virtual and live opportunities.

From the Northeast:

  • 110 Fitness (Rockland, MA) – 110 Fitness recently launched a wellness app for people with Parkinson’s. With live classes and pre-recorded videos, the 110 app offers boxing, PWR!Moves, yoga, meditation, vocal work, guest speaker series and more.
  • Parkinson’s Wellness Project (Pomona, NY) – Join a dance or boxing class live via Zoom with Parkinson’s Wellness Project. After, check out the ‘Chef’s Corner’ for tasty and healthy recipes.
  • Shakers Anonymous (Greenwich, CT) – With tons of Zumba, Tai Chi, balance and other exercise videos readily available, Shakers Anonymous is a vibrant group with many PD resources to offer.
  • Dopafit (Southampton, MA) – A Parkinson’s Movement Program specializing in research and evidence-based exercise for people living with Parkinson’s. They offer virtual classes twice a week as well as in-person classes throughout the week.

To the Midwest:

  • InMotion (Beachwood, OH) – Co-founded by MJFF Patient Council member Karen Jaffe, this community center offers free services for people with PD and other movement disorders. Explore the Arts & Music program, or take a virtual spinning, dancing, boxing, Tai Chi or yoga class.
  • Parkinson Foundation of Western Pennsylvania (Bellevue, PA) – This lively group offers free exercise classes focusing on flexibility/stretching, aerobics and strengthening.
  • Movement Revolution (Chicagoland) – Offering highly individualized wellness programs for people with all stages of Parkinson’s, Movement Revolution focuses on neuro-intensive exercise. Individuals receive a comprehensive movement evaluation and plan that may include remote personal training, boxing classes, yoga or strength exercises.

And further West:

  • Parkinson’s Association of the Rockies (Denver, CO) – In the height of the Rocky Mountains, this group fosters a genial Parkinson’s community, offering programs spanning from support groups, exercise classes and educational seminars both in person and online.

To the South:

  • 413 Fitness (Austin, TX) – Using a non-contact boxing approach, 413 Fitness is designed for people with movement disorders and offers low, moderate, and high-intensity workouts to do from home. Check out a low-moderate class before subscribing here.

And beyond:

  • Dance for PD (Locations worldwide) – Dance or sing along at home with a live or archived Dance for PD class. Dance for PD is committed to supporting and encouraging people with Parkinson’s to continue dancing even if in studio classes are not yet available in your area.

In addition to the programs highlighted here, our dedicated Team Fox members continue to host creative activities to get the community moving while raising funds for research. Use the ‘Find an Event’ tool and filter for virtual events to join!

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