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Podcast: Treating Parkinson's 'Off' Episodes

Inclusivity in Parkinson's Research and Care: Why It Matters in Speeding a Cure

In this episode of The Michael J. Fox Foundation Parkinson's Podcast, we explore the intersection of race and Parkinson’s in both the lived experience of obtaining care for the disease and how that translates to research.  

Listen as our panelists have a candid conversation about the value of inclusivity to advance the field’s understanding of the disease and ultimately, more scientific breakthroughs. And learn about how the Foundation is working today to break down barriers to recruit and retain underrepresented communities to participate in research. 

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Host and person with Parkinson’s Larry Gifford leads a discussion with: 


  • Jonathan Jackson, PhD, founding director of Community Access, Recruitment, and Engagement (CARE) Research Center at Massachusetts General Hospital and principal investigator of the Fostering Inclusivity in Research Engagement for Underrepresented Populations in Parkinson’s Disease (FIRE-UP PD) 

  • Bernadette Siddiqi, Associate Director of Research Partnerships at MJFF 

  • María L. De León, MD, movement disorder specialist, MJFF Patient Council member and policy advocate 

View a transcript of this podcast.  


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