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Podcast: Treating Parkinson's 'Off' Episodes

New Year, New Moves! Explore Exercise for Life with Parkinson’s (Webinar Audio)

The message is clear: Exercise can offer great benefits to people living with Parkinson’s disease (PD). But once you make the decision to get moving, what next? How do you make time? How do you do it safely? How do you stay motivated? Is there a “best” way to exercise? 

In this audio from our Third Thursdays Webinar, our experts discuss strategies for making exercise a meaningful part of your life. They share practical tips on how to overcome common barriers and make the most of exercise when living with PD, including being aware of different types, frequencies and intensities. Two people with Parkinson’s who have very different challenges and attitudes about fitness offer their perspectives on how to get moving and stay the course. 

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Rachel Dolhun, MD, DipABLM, MJFF senior vice president of medical communications, leads a discussion with panelists: 

  • Lori Quinn, PT, EdD, FAPTA, professor of movement sciences and kinesiology, Columbia University 

  • Denise Coley, MJFF Patient Council member and Parkinson’s advocate 

  • Larry Gifford, MJFF Patient Council member and Parkinson’s advocate 

View a transcript of this podcast. 

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