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Funded Studies

Alan Charles Evans, PhD

Professor, Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery at Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill University

Location: Montreal PQ Canada

Alan Evans, PhD, uses three-dimensional computer techniques to study the functional anatomy of the human brain. His research interests include multi-modal brain imaging, image processing and large-scale brain database analysis. Dr. Evans heads the data coordinating center for two large NIH-funded multi-center MRI studies of normal pediatric development and research of autism in infants. These projects provide a web-accessible reference database of normal and autistic maturation, both neuroanatomical and behavioral, for studies of normal and abnormal brain development. The methodologies developed for those projects, most notably (i) the web-based imaging/behavioral database, (ii) the automated MRI segmentation pipeline, and (iii) the brain-behavior correlation analysis for voxel-based (volumetric) or vertex-based (surface) data, are being used in a series of international collaborations on abnormal pediatric development and Alzheimer’s disease.

Associated Grants

  • Brain Networks as Targets of Neurodegeneration in Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Diseases


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