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Olaf Rotzschke, PhD

Associate Professor and Senior Principal Investigator at Singapore Immunology Network, A-STAR

Location: Singapore

Olaf Rötzschke is an expert in cellular immunology, immune regulation and immune genetics. During the past 25 years he published over 100 scientific studies cited in more than 11,000 articles. He studied biochemistry at the universities of Hannover and Tübingen, where he received his PhD in 1993. He started his scientific carrier at the Max-Planck Institute of Biology in the group of Hans-Georg Rammensee, where he isolated the first natural T-cell antigens and resolved their primary structure. In 1993, he joined the group of Jack Strominger at Harvard University and in 2000, he moved to the Max-Delbrück-Center in Berlin. He joined the Singapore Immunology Network (SIgN) in July 2008, where he carries out complex cohort-based systems biology studies of immune-regulatory pathways. Besides phenotypic and functional characterization of cellular and molecular components, the characterization of allergy- and immune-related mechanisms includes also genome-, epigenoneme- and transcriptome-analysis.

Associated Grants

  • Measuring LRRK2-Mediated Rab Protein in Parkinson’s Disease


  • LRRK2-Mediated Rab Protein Phosphorylation in Monocytes and Neutrophils in Parkinson's Disease


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