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Siew-Cheng Wong, PhD

Principal Investigator at Singapore Immunology Network, A-STAR

Location: Singapore

Dr. Wong Siew Cheng is a principal investigator at Singapore Immunology Immunology Network (SIgN, ASTAR). She is also an adjunct assistant professor in the Department of Microbiology, National University of Singapore and School of Biological Sciences, Nanyang Technological University. Her research expertise is in myeloid cell biology with a particular focus on monocytes and macrophages. She has performed in-depth characterization of blood monocyte subsets to better understand their functions during homeostasis and how each subset may contribute towards the pathogenesis of disease such as Dengue infections. In addition, she also has an interest in understanding the metabolic alterations of tumor-associated macrophages in cancer setting and investigates whether the metabolic pathway in myeloid cells could be a potential immunotherapeutic target. She will be providing myeloid cells expertise in this project. 

Associated Grants

  • Measuring LRRK2-Mediated Rab Protein in Parkinson’s Disease


  • LRRK2-Mediated Rab Protein Phosphorylation in Monocytes and Neutrophils in Parkinson's Disease


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