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Funded Studies

Stephanie Cragg, MA, DPhil

Beit Memorial Research Fellow at University of Oxford

Dr. Stephanie Cragg was educated at the University of Cambridge (UK) where she read a degree in Natural Sciences, specializing in Pharmacology. She gained her doctoral degree (DPhil) from the University of Oxford in 1996. She has worked with Dr Susan Greenfield in Oxford, Dr. Margaret Rice and Dr. Charles Nicholson at New York University, and as a visiting scientist at the University of North Carolina in Dr. Mark Wightman's laboratory. After having held two EP Abraham Research Fellowships at Oxford, she is now a Beit Memorial Research Fellow at the University Department of Pharmacology. Her research interests lie in elucidating how motor and reward-related brain functions are governed by dopamine. The laboratory uses electrochemical, anatomical and theoretical approaches to explore the mechanisms that govern the dynamic neurotransmission by dopamine in these normal brain functions as well as in key brain diseases.

Associated Grants

  • The regulation of synaptic dopamine by striatal nicotinic receptors


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