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2018 Annual Report

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At The Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF), we take seriously our responsibility to the Parkinson’s community. Since our inception in 2000, 88 cents of every dollar spent by MJFF has gone directly to high-impact research programs to speed a cure for Parkinson’s disease. From engaging the experts to community events, our 2018 Annual Report highlights a ripple effect of impact.

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A Note from Michael

2018 Annual Report Note from Michael

Dear Friend,

We started our Foundation with the single-minded goal of identifying the most promising Parkinson’s research and quickly getting funding into scientists’ hands. In our short history, with your support, that instinct has created dynamic new possibilities and grown to immeasurable heights.

In 2018, Parkinson’s research activity continued to gather steam. The first drug funded by our Foundation reached FDA approval. Industry interest is growing. And much more is to come. Today we have tremendous cause for hope and optimism for improved treatment options – and ultimately, a cure.

As every patient and family knows, there’s no single answer for how to deal with Parkinson’s. You experience it, push through it and try to make as many friends as you can along the way. I’m more grateful for your friendship than I can say. Together, we’re ushering in a world without Parkinson’s.

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Annual Letter from the CEO and Co-Founder

2018 was a transformative year in Parkinson’s research. Innovative ideas that The Michael J. Fox Foundation’s (MJFF) donor-raised dollars helped to get off the ground have led to critical discoveries. Today, more drugs are on the move to the market than ever before. This report tells a story of impact and how sustained investments are bringing us closer to a cure for Parkinson’s disease (PD). Our approach to leave no stone unturned in our search for cures is paying off.

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Todd Sherer, PhD, Chief Executive Officer


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Deborah W. Brooks, Co-Founder and Executive Vice Chairman
Impact + Innovation

In 2018, we made leaps forward toward promising scientific breakthroughs. Read how supporters like you helped make a difference.

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    Engaging the Experts

    One of The Michael J. Fox Foundation’s (MJFF) most impactful contributions to research progress is building an infrastructure that meets the needs of a rapidly progressing scientific field. Because of the variability of Parkinson’s, scientists must partner with the true experts on Parkinson’s — the patients who contribute data essential to understanding the disease and helping find better treatments.

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    The Major Research Prizes 2018

    In November 2018, MJFF honored David Eidelberg, MD with The Bachmann-Strauss Prize for Excellence in Dystonia Research. The prize recognizes dystonia researchers for key scientific discoveries and incentivizes the next generation of investigators to continue forging paths toward cures.

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    The Major Research Prizes 2018 (cont.)

    In November 2018, MJFF honored Virginia Man-Yee Lee, PhD with The Robert A. Pritzker Prize for Leadership in Parkinson’s Research. The prize recognizes researchers who make an exceptional contribution to Parkinson's research and exhibit a commitment to mentoring the next generation of Parkinson's scientists.

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    The Edmond J. Safra Fellowship: Growing the Global Base of Clinician-Researchers

    Not enough people with Parkinson’s see movement disorder specialists, partly because there aren’t enough of them. The MJFF solution: find a partner with the vision to address a critical need in the patient community — more highly skilled movement disorder physician-scientists around the world who can elevate the level of care available to people with Parkinson’s and bridge the gap between lab and clinic. Then, train them.

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    Ushering Promising Genetic Targets Forward

    Genetics has changed the landscape of PD research. MJFF is directing donor-raised capital and research efforts to transform genetic insights into new treatments. Research is also advancing with other key targets we have identified — we believe in taking more shots on our goal toward a cure by pursuing multiple targets and pathways.

  • Impact + Innovation - Charley Moss

    Spotlight on Giving: Bow Tie Cinemas

    Historic photos of Sophia Loren, Humphrey Bogart, Joan Crawford and other Hollywood royalty line the conference room walls at Bow Tie Cinemas’ Times Square offices. When Charley Moss Jr., the third-generation of the entertainment company, was diagnosed with PD in 2014, the family’s initial shock transformed into action, which provided a unique opportunity to raise the curtain on PD with a wider audience.

Team Fox

Team Fox members are fundraisers and donors, event hosts and guests, participants and volunteers, competitors and cheerleaders. In 2018, 7,500 Team Fox members turned their passions and interests into unique fundraising events and athletic feats and raised more than $10 million. These grassroots community fundraisers are dedicated change-makers. 100 percent of Team Fox proceeds go directly to the Foundation’s programs to speed a cure for Parkinson’s disease.

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2018 in Photos

Throughout the year, the MJFF community has made countless memorable moments. Here are just a few.


We work hard to maximize every dollar to drive science with the greatest potential to benefit patients and families. Our dedication to efficiency and accountability has always been a core value of our Foundation. And it will continue to drive us until we deliver a cure for Parkinson’s disease, and close our doors.

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