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Ask the PhD: Immune System’s Role in Parkinson’s Disease

In our latest “Ask the PhD” video, I talk with scientists on the potential role of the immune system and inflammation in Parkinson’s and how studying this connection could help us better define, measure, and treat disease.

Yesterday, at our Parkinson’s Disease Therapeutics Conference scientists and drug developers are discussing this growing area of research interest and treatments already in clinical testing. And studies are showing a connection between genetic risk factors and inflammation.

I sat with our staff scientists* Drs. Andrew Koemeter-Cox and Kuldip Dave to learn how inflammation can be both bad and good and how scientists are investigating whether this response is a cause or effect of Parkinson’s disease.

Learn more about the immune system’s role in Parkinson’s disease by watching a webinar on this topic.

View a transcript of this video.

*Dr. Dave is now vice president for research at the ALS Association.

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