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Explore the Findings: New Infographic Illustrates the Impact of COVID-19 on People with Parkinson’s

Last month, The Michael J. Fox Foundation reported that more than 7,200 people responded to a survey on COVID-19 through our online clinical study, Fox Insight.

Results, published in the Journal of Parkinson's Disease, showed that people with Parkinson’s who did and did not have COVID-19 were impacted by the pandemic in numerous ways. Both groups experienced new or worsening motor and non-motor symptoms, with significant changes related to tremor, sleep and anxiety. And 62 percent of respondents with Parkinson’s reported an issue accessing health care.

These findings will help us advocate for improved access to care on behalf of the Parkinson’s community. And they could help clinicians understand more about patient needs during the pandemic and provide better care.

Explore the findings below or download here.

Fox Insight COVID-19 survey results infographic

The COVID-19 survey is still open, and we need your help to advance our understanding of how the pandemic is affecting you. Join Fox Insight today to share your experience at

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