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Fox Trial Finder Recruits 40,000 Volunteers

Fox Trial Finder Recruits 40,000 Volunteers

Last week, Fox Trial Finder, The Michael J. Fox Foundation's online clinical trials matching tool, surpassed an incredible milestone: 40,000 registered volunteers. Fox Trial Finder Ambassadors, a group of clinical trial volunteers with and without PD who are dedicated to spreading the word, reacted to the news:

Wooo HOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! So amazing .... gives me hope. We'll beat this disease with the help of all these research advocates. So very proud! - Robin Katsaros

We are a large group that's making noise, and now we are called into action: It's our turn to help speed up the cure.  - Claudia Revilla

I am incredibly pleased to hear we have reached 40,000 registered volunteers on Fox Trial Finder! This level of participation should encourage more investment from pharmaceutical companies to perform research to improve the lives of those of us living with PD as it reduces one of the biggest obstacles – having enough research participants. Thanks to all who are signed up! Next goal - How about 50,000 in 2015?  - Glenn Leppo

As a physician with PD I am so excited by the success of FTF. Research can only advance if we have a ready team of volunteers. Kudos to the 40,000+ who have stepped up to help all of us with are a selfless bunch who exemplify the sentiment "It takes a village.”  - Karen Jaffe

Congratulations on FTF reaching 40,000 volunteers! Now, it's up to us to make sure everyone follows through and signs up for trials. The fact of the matter is that no amount of money can ever make up for a lack of volunteers and only we can speed of the timeline to finding the cure.  - Gary Rafaloff

What an accomplishment. 40,000 people making a contribution towards the cure. Not just with money, which we need, but with their bodies. Without volunteers like you we can't find a cure. How about 50,000. The cure is in you.  - Bob Harmon

I am so proud of the entire Fox Foundation organization and honored to be one of the 40,000 members of FTF. Next goal - please sign up for a trial and we will really make headway in so many areas of research towards a cure and more importantly, in a much shorter and efficient timeline. This is unlike anything I have ever seen in the research/medical community - We are making history!  - Christopher Smith

Excellent news! On to 50k....  - Dan Kinel

40,000 is phenomenal! I dare to say that must be the world's largest pool of potential and active participants. This could not be done without team effort, so "Go, Team!"  - Peggy Willocks

Join the more than 40,000 volunteers who have already stepped up. Visit today.


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