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PPMI Participants Share Their Experiences: “Knowledge Is Power”

People in formal attire smiling at camera

Susan Levy and family at a wedding a few years ago.

Research can only move forward with the support of study volunteers. This especially holds true for the Foundation’s landmark study, the Parkinson’s Progression Markers Initiative (PPMI). Since 2010, nearly 1,400 participants have volunteered their time for the study, contributing valuable data and samples.

In this blog, we highlight four of those participants. While they come from different walks of life, they have at least one thing in common: they are all speeding a cure for Parkinson’s by participating in PPMI.

Susan Levy, 68, of Bainbridge Island, Washington, participates in honor of her mother who had Parkinson’s:

“Knowledge is power. If I could help in any way to understand this disease, it will help others in the future.”

Phil Alongi, 68, of Monroe, New Jersey, explains why he joined PPMI shortly after receiving a Parkinson’s diagnosis:

“It’s never too early to make a difference.”

Jen Gaudio, 50, of New London, Connecticut, talks about the role she has been playing in PPMI since its inception:

“Enrolling in PPMI gave me an option to do something constructive and practical.”

Brian Duggan, 67, of Mill Valley, California, shares his experience as someone who acts out dreams while asleep (a risk factor for developing Parkinson’s):

“I am hopeful that my participation in studies like PPMI can serve as my contribution to this vitally needed research and can hopefully over time lead to true scientifically proven cures and prevention strategies.”

Join these volunteers and be part of the study that could change everything. Get started today.

  • Phil Alongi and his wife, Rosann, in Venice, Italy

    Phil Alongi and his wife, Rosann

  • Woman in a wheelchair

    Jen Gaudio at a neurologist visit

  • Two people smiling at camera

    Brian Duggan and his wife, Debbie

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