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Watch Our Latest Video: What Is Parkinson's Disease?

What does everyone with Parkinson's have in common? How do we diagnose this disease? What's our best strategy for a cure?

Watch the third video in our whiteboard series, which explores a core question: "What is Parkinson's disease?"

Everyone with Parkinson's disease (PD) embarks on a unique journey. This can be challenging for patients, families and researchers, but we have many reasons to be optimistic. We're closer than ever to new and better therapies, including treatments to potentially slow or stop disease progression. The Michael J. Fox Foundation is dedicated to accelerating research advancements and to ensuring that people living with PD today optimize their care.

Watch the video and then learn more about navigating PD with our Parkinson's 360 toolkit. Download the book and explore the multimedia toolkit, which includes short films featuring people at different points in the Parkinson's journey as well as additional resources for living well.

Thank you to our Parkinson's Disease Education Consortium members. While our generous sponsors make our educational offerings possible, their support does not influence MJFF's content, perspective or panelist selection. 

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