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Real Talk from Participants

People with Parkinson's and control volunteers share their advice and perspective on joining clinical studies and being an active participant in the quest for a cure.

  • Man and woman smiling at camera.

    My Research Journey: Chipping Away at the Cure

    Guest blogger Kim Barnett participates in research to honor her father who had Parkinson’s.

  • Woman and child sitting on a bench.

    My Research Journey: Newly Diagnosed and Navigating Parkinson’s

    While there are few clinical trials in her community in São Paulo, Brazil, Carolina Clemente advances Parkinson’s research from home as a participant in Fox Insight, MJFF’s online clinical study.

  • Man with a landscape in the background.

    Science from the Patient Perspective: Why Does It Matter?

    Dave Iverson, a founding member of The Michael J. Fox Foundation Patient Council, shares his perspective on science and clinical trials in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Panel at an event.

    My Research Journey: Fueling Parkinson’s Research with Optimism and Hope

    Lynn Hagerbrant participates in research to be part of the answer to finding better treatments, and one day, a cure.

  • A photo of Sharon Roberts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    My Research Journey: Taking Control and Taking Part

    A guest blogger who lives in Texas, Sharon Roberts actively participates in observational research studies to manage her health and contribute toward finding a cure for Parkinson's disease.

  • Headshots of Michael S. Fitts and Jonathan Jackson

    My Research Journey: Breaking Down Barriers to Research

    A researcher and participant discuss the unique challenge of engaging underserved populations in Parkinson’s research.

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