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Our researchers and business trained project leaders work closely with industry teams at every stage of Parkinsonís disease therapeutic development to advance the most promising ideas for breakthrough treatments.

Weíre realistic about how for-profit companies are incented to compete, and are committed to finding resources ó financial, scientific, collaborative or otherwise ó in support of promising ideas. We typically do not take IP or revenue stakes.

Our unbiased expertise, coupled with our unparalleled view of the field, allows us to broker key introductions and foster critical collaborations that can help propel the best ideas forward on their path toward regulatory approval and marketability. Consider approaching us with potential disease-modifying or symptomatic therapies when you are seeking:

  • an injection of non-dilutive capital to improve robustness of pre-clinical or clinical Parkinsonís disease data;
  • access to predictive tools to inform critical decisions in starting or expanding a Parkinsonís disease program;
  • a targeted partnership at a specific stage of the Parkinsonís disease drug development pipeline;
  • the insight of a strategic consultant for the Parkinsonís disease field.

The Michael J. Fox Foundation works with industry in the following ways:


All of the Foundationís funding programs are open to industry. To date, weíve awarded more than†$102 million in funding to over†230 unique industry-led projects.

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Research Tools

The Foundation develops and distributes tools to facilitate research, such as pre-clinical models, antibodies, assays and rich data sets, at low or no cost to the research community. MJFF is spearheading the Parkinsonís Disease Research Tools Consortium with seven industry partners to better understand existing tools and their use in laboratory experiments, as well as to develop new tools to address unmet challenges.

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Novel Partnerships

The Foundation enthusiastically partners with companies that wish to benefit from our extensive network and expertise in accelerating shared research goals. Partnerships may be structured around particular phases of Parkinsonís disease drug development, top therapeutic targets, specific clinical features of Parkinsonís, or other aspects of Parkinsonís disease drug development.

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The Foundation's Partnering Program

The Foundation's Partnering Program proactively showcases promising research results in its portfolio for funders who may wish to invest in their continued development. On a quarterly basis, select awardees submit public overviews highlighting their organization, team and projects. These overviews are then shared with industry contacts who have expressed interest in reviewing such information, and they are shared more broadly on the Foundationís website.

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Industry Spotlight: De-Risking Successes

In line with the Foundationís mission to accelerate Parkinsonís disease research, we aim to de-risk the field, making it as attractive as possible for all researchers, particularly industry groups that will play a significant part in commercializing therapies.

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Parkinsonís Progression Markers Initiative (PPMI)

Launched in 2010, PPMI is our five-year $50-million open-access clinical study to identify biomarkers of Parkinsonís disease progression using advanced imaging, biologic sampling and clinical and behavioral assessments. PPMI is a public-private partnership with eleven industry partners to date, providing financial and/or in-kind support.

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Support and Connect with The Michael J. Fox Community

Partnering with The Michael J. Fox Foundation is an effective way to connect with engaged Parkinsonís disease audiences. There are sponsorship opportunities at varying levels.

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Select from pre-clinical models, reagents, research data and more.

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