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Join MJFF's Online Clinical Study to Speed Parkinson's Breakthroughs

Join MJFF's Online Clinical Study to Speed Parkinson's Breakthroughs

The Michael J. Fox Foundation today announced the launch of Fox Insight, a digital platform and dynamic online clinical study creating a true partnership between people with Parkinson's disease (PD) and researchers to accelerate breakthroughs.

Fox Insight aims to build a large, diverse cohort of patients and control volunteers providing researchers, drug makers, regulators and payers critical insight into the lived experience, genetics and variability of Parkinson's. The study is open to anyone 18 or older worldwide with or without PD, and aims to recruit tens or even hundreds of thousands of participants to amplify the patient voice in research and care.

Learn more about Fox Insight and join the 6,500 individuals who have already contributed valuable data to optimize the platform.

Through a collaboration between MJFF and personal genetics company 23andMe, people with PD who join Fox Insight also may choose to contribute genetic data to research by completing a 23andMe genetic test at no cost. This will open new opportunities for researchers to correlate clinical features of Parkinson's with underlying, individual genetic biology for better drug design toward precision medicine.

Read the press release for full details on Fox Insight.

The future of Parkinson's research is in powerful hands. Yours. Join Fox Insight today.

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