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Research Roundup: Studies Offer More Shots on Goal Toward Cures

Update on Alpha-synuclein Therapies in Clinical Trials

“It might sound scary to sign up for a clinical trial, but remember, every successful treatment prescribed today went through a trial phase,” says Reni Winter-Evans, 67, a research participant who lives in Westpoint, Indiana. “Those treatments wouldn’t be available if courageous people hadn’t stepped up and volunteered. I do it because I feel a strong sense of duty to help in any way possible to provide a disease-free future for myself, my offspring and everyone else.”

In this latest research roundup blog, we share four studies in need of volunteers.

  • Aiming to Understand Parkinson’s: Our landmark Parkinson’s Progression Markers Initiative (PPMI) study is on a mission to better understand Parkinson’s. Because PPMI is an observational study, its research volunteers do not take any experimental drug or placebo. Rather, they agree to contribute important health data over time. PPMI has launched an online platform open to anyone over 18 living in the United States and plans to welcome international volunteers soon. International sites are also recruiting specific groups. Whether you have Parkinson’s or not, take a short survey to get started.

    Learn more about PPMI.
  • Targeting a Key Protein to Slow Parkinson’s: The alpha-synuclein protein misfolds to form toxic clumps in the brain cells of people with Parkinson’s. Led by biopharma company UCB, the Orchestra study is testing whether an investigational drug, UCB0599, can slow Parkinson’s by targeting alpha-synuclein and preventing it from clumping in the brain. They are recruiting 300 people diagnosed with Parkinson’s in the past two years at seven sites across the United States. Learn more and find contact information.

    Read about a recent deal that puts more resources behind therapies targeting alpha-synuclein. Scroll to the bottom of the post for the latest on the full pipeline of alpha-synuclein therapies.
  • Testing the Impact of Exercise: Many people with Parkinson’s report that exercise helps them manage daily life with the disease. A Phase III study, SPARX3, is testing whether exercise — specifically endurance activity on the treadmill — could impact Parkinson’s symptoms and progression. The study is recruiting 370 people diagnosed with Parkinson’s in the past three years at 29 sites across the United States and Canada. Learn more and find contact information.

    Watch an Ask the MD video on exercise.

Thank you for your interest in Parkinson’s research. The more who join us, the closer we’ll get to cures. Watch a webinar to learn about the role you can play in research. Or read more here.

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